What Behaviors Do I Need to Reinforce or Replace?

Really John?

Reinforcing good behavior and replacing the ones that are not so good, a good goal.  Successful people practice certain behaviors and non-successful people also exercise certain behaviors.  Looking at which behaviors are exhibited determines which way the day, week, life goes.

Behaviors of Successful People– Self responsible, take control, positive, happy, smile, express gratitude, say thank you, give praise, give attention, listen actively.

Behaviors of Non-Successful People–make excuses, irresponsible, lack control, negative emotions, anger, fear, resentment, guilt, envy, jealousy, worry.

Note: Habits can not be eliminated! They can, however, be replaced. It takes 21 days to replace a habit. By changing an action, you modify a habit, by changing a habit you modify your behavior.

The steps to change:

  • Form a clear mental image
  • Put positive pressure on yourself
  • Set goals with tracking timelines – A goal without a date is a dream
  • Do it for 21 days, then it becomes a new good habit or a Ritual
  • Enjoy the process. A day without laughter and a day without love is a day without life!

 IF you were to change one habit, or behavior what would it be?

What would the impact of that change be?

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